Urgent Notice To All Customers

Caledonian Bank Limited (“CBL”) and Caledonian Securities Limited (“CSL”) were placed into Controllership on 10 February 2015 by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) and Keiran Hutchison and Claire Loebell of Ernst & Young Ltd. were appointed as Joint Controllers. We write to advise you that upon hearing an application made by CIMA, the Companies were ordered to be placed into Official Liquidation by an Order of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands dated 23 February 2015 and the Controllers were appointed as Joint Official Liquidators (“the JOLs”). The Controllership has now come to an end.

Further, please note that CIMA has revoked the operating licenses for both CBL and CSL. Therefore it is not possible to continue trading. The operation of all services to customers and clients of CBL and CSL remains frozen while the JOLs complete their reconciliation of all clients’ assets and implement a strategy that will begin to see funds returned to clients and creditors.

Please also note that the following filings have been made in the US Bankruptcy Court and in this regard please find attached:

The JOLs have also obtained Orders in the Federal Court of Australia including the most recent as at March 12, 2015, please see attached:

To all Deposit Account Holders of Caledonian Bank Limited. Please consider the attached notification regarding delivering names and addresses to the US Court and US Trustee

Please find attached FAQs to assist in providing answers to your questions. Enquiries can be directed by written correspondence to caledonianinfo@ky.ey.com.

A third entity in the group, Caledonian Group Services Limited, was placed into voluntary liquidation on March 24 2015 pursuant to a resolution of the sole shareholder. Keiran Hutchison and Claire Loebell were appointed as Joint Voluntary Liquidators on March 25 2015.

The Liquidators are not appointed over any other entity within the Caledonian group of companies.

Ongoing updates are being provided to stakeholders by email and post.

April 2015

The property, business and affairs of the Companies are being managed by the Joint Liquidators, Keiran Hutchison and Claire Loebell, who act without personal liability. Keiran Hutchison and Claire Loebell are authorised to act as Insolvency Practitioners in compliance with Regulation 4 of the Insolvency Practitioner’s Regulations 2008 of the Cayman Islands.

Accept Decline

Caledonian Bank Limited and Caledonian Securities Limited (both in Official Liquidation) (the “Companies”) Seeking expressions of interest in the purchase of a Cayman Islands banking, brokerage and custodial business and assets

Keiran Hutchison and Claire Loebell of Ernst & Young Ltd. (Cayman Islands) were appointed as Joint Official Liquidators (“JOLs”) of the Companies on 23 February 2015. The Companies operated a Cayman Islands offshore banking, brokerage and custodial business from George Town in the Cayman Islands serving international banking customers.

The JOLs are currently undertaking the sale of certain assets of the Companies and are seeking qualified potential buyers to take part in the process. Potential buyers and their proposed management team must be able to satisfy the relevant regulatory requirements as prescribed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. For further information refer to www.caledonian.com.

Interested parties should contact the JOLs no later than 9 April 2015 for initial discussions. The JOLs request contact from direct interested parties only and will not accept enquiries from brokers. Only enquiries from suitably qualified and funded parties will be considered. The JOL’s reserve the right to deal with selected parties entirely at their discretion.

Contact for Enquiries: Tom Bussanich, Ernst & Young Ltd., 62 Forum Lane, Camana Bay, PO Box 510, Grand Cayman, KY1-1106, Cayman Islands, Phone: +1 345 949 8444 Email: caledonianinfo@ky.ey.com by 9 April 2015.